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Yema Boat Tart

Today, I am writing this post to share my boat tart recipe. Excuse the photo below because I am not good at taking photos. Anyway, boat tart is such popular pastry during my elementary days. (i now have an incoming third grader, so just calculate my age, lolz). This pastry has a crunchy crust and sweet filling on top. The filling is similar to the taste of yema. So, I decided to make my own.



Crushed graham crackers
Melted butter


3 egg yolks
1 1/2 can of condensed milk
2-3 tbsp of sugar

1. Mix crush graham and butter. Measurement is not definite, just approximate the two ingredients until you are able to flatten it to pan. In my case, I flatten it on llanera. I made a very thin crust less than half an inch. Once flat, chill for at least 30 minutes.

2. Beat the yolks. Under medium heat, mix the condensed milk, yolk and sugar. Mix continously for about 20minutes.

If you think that the texture will not have thick consistency, it will once the yema is cold.


Overall, the taste is pretty good. It may take some time to finish it, but it is worth to try 🙂


Do you also love yema?


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Swatch Fest

Today, I will post my favorite nude lipsticks. Before, I only use lip balm and I am good to go because I have an uber dry lips. I became too hooked up with lip balms when my daughter and I stayed in Dubai for a month. The weather there both made our lips like a desert and thus gives us extra reason to keep our lips hydrated. After a while, I realized that it is quite appealing to color the lips and the next day, I suddenly become addicted to lipsticks.

I first got red shades because I am a newbie and I always read in other people’s blog that you cannot go wrong with red. So I did. When my mom first saw me wearing red lippies, she told straight to my face that it does not suit me. I immediately get rid of it. Then, I figured out I look better wearing nude shades. So, without further ado, here are my favorite shades.


Three of these are organically made. All the sticks are organic while the only liquid lipstick (Matte in Detail) is not. Below are the swatches. 


Bethany is Colourette. This is the brand’s top selling nude shade. It finishes off creamy matte but more of the creamy side. It smells like caramel. It costs P499 (regular price) I got it from a giveaway and only paid P150 for it to cover for the shipping fee.

Draco is from Sooper Beaute. This is made from natural ingredients. It finishes off matte. Too matte that during windy days, you will feel how dry your lips are. Regular price is P280. This smells like crayon. Got it not from a giveaway but somewhat quite like a gift.

Momoko is bought from Natura Organics. This lippie is made from organic ingredients as well and thus, like Colourette, it is kid friendly. I really like this lipstick because of its minty effect. It smells like watermelon. It finishes off creamy matte. You need to blot it with tissue to achieve the matte look. Price is P329.

Joyce D14 is from Matte in Detail. It is the only liquid matte that can be anyone’s favorite matte lippie. The finish is super matte. It is very light weight and sets really fast. It is my favorite shade among the rest but too bad, it is not made from organic ingredients. The price is thing is more or less P250. I got it from a giveaway that’s why I am not sure.


If I am to buy after finishing off these four, I am looking to buy Colourette shade in Sahara and Natura Organics teen dream collection in Chika. Colourette is easily available online or through their several kiosks. Natura Organics products can be purchased from Doc Mel through their instagram account 🙂


What’s your favorite shades?




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Snack Pack Pudding

I am a food lover but I rarely write about it. I apologize about that. We recently went to Clark for the Puregold’s Summer Sale. We had the best time because me and my husband would always find time to shop when it’s sale. Our favorite is Puregold (Clark or Subic) because we are sweet lovers. We live about an hour and a half away to Clarkfield Pampanga. Instead of going to Manila, I would definitely choose Clark or Subic :). So, we left at around 9 Am and we arrived at 11 or before 11 am. The place was jam-packed. There were so many people like us who are looking forward to spend less on sweets and other PX goods. With the high exchange rates nowadays we did not expect that there will be long lines. There are items that are still expensive while some made us happy. We got Milky Way which only costs P120 per 400g pack, Snack Pack (P55) per pack of 4, Ruffles 2 for 199, Chocolate cookies like Nougatelli (P65) and chocolate chip same price. The cookies are my daughter’s favorite. I have tried Snack pack in the past but maybe I miss it this time it I am craving for it all the time.



That’s the picture. I was not able to take a good shot because it was too late when I realized that it can be a great blog post (LOLZ). This is a chocolate pudding. If served chilled, it tastes better than ever. I am happy my hubby got 3 packs so a total of 12 snack packs. But I gave one pack away so I was left with 8 haha. Anyway, this snack pack is also available in various supermarkets but I am not quite sure of the price difference. Overall, it is worth to eat especially if you are a choco lover like me. It is perfect for merienda or when you just crave for chocolates! Other flavors are also available like vanilla, and choco vanilla if I can remember.


Have you also tried this? Any other choco snacks you want to share?



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Zale Beauty Powder in Tan

I have already written about setting powders before. It is about Shiseido medicated powder and Palgantong. Click here to read. Today, I will write my personal thoughts about Zale beauty powder in tan. This is a super affordable alternative for beauty buffs who want shine free look all day long.

Zale is made from Thailand. It is endorsed by the soul siren, Nina. With the downturn of economy and most cosmetics are priced significantly beyond the budget of most women, having this kind of product makes it less complicated to stay beautiful. The sad fact is, it is not widely available nationwide. As per their instagram account, it is available in limited  areas in Metro Manila. I got mine from Isetan Dept near Quaipo church when my hubby went to visit.

That is how it looks, for P49, you can get the same coverage and shine free look that you need to set your foundation like the branded expensive setting powders in the market. No doubt that it is a must try for every woman.

The powder has two shades but I asked to get Tan to play safe that it will match my skin tone. This shade is perfect for pinay skin tone. the other shade is bright.

Many celebrities and bloggers were given the chance to try this product and their reviews were positive. Of course, they got it for free and chances are, they will give positive reviews. As for me who got it from my own wallet, I can still give it a positive rating for its price, UV protection claims (no specific info of its SPF), and anti acne properties.

Overall, this is a must try product. Have you also tried it?


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