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Elella Aloe Vera Refreshing Gel

I have not updated this blog for a while as I became quite busy with some matters. My giveaway is still ongoing and mechanics are easy as pie. Please check it here.

I am always fond of using gel because of the glowing effect that it gives my face after a few hours. I used is as pre-BB cream or foundation gel. This leaves my skin looking healthy and hydrated and minimize pores. Hence, I loved using it. I have tried several gels like tomato gel from Eden’s Paradise (consumed 2 bottles), guava neem gel from the same brand as well, aloe cure (aloe vera gel), snail gel and now my latest discovery is from Elella. Prior to using this aloe refreshing gel, I am using beauty oils. Yet because of the too high temperature here in our country, using beauty oils only make me sweat and hard to sleep at night. Thus, I switched to this gel. As you can see, I surely love organic products. It is very safe to use without worrying too much about the unwanted effects.

The name of the product is true to its promise. It can definitely refresh your face. I used it at night and upon waking up, my skin looks healthy with minimal pores. Thus, this is also perfect as make up base. This helps in keeping the skin looks hydrated without the oiliness.

The item has an expiry date of 12M (written on its label). Its content is is 100ml so you should definitely used an ample amount in order to make the most of it for the entire year. This is perfect for our weather here in the Philippines to minimize oil production while ensuring that the skin appears healthy and young looking.

Have you also tried similar products? Share your thoughts!



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Leiania Hyde No More Mask


I always use face mask because of my acne prone skin. I am fond of organic face mask because it gives good results without having to worry about any side effect. I now have discovered a new one from Leiania House of Beauty.

The promise of this mask is to help clear blemishes and acne. I have tried it more than three times. I am quite happy with the result because unlike the face mask I used before, this mask can easily be applied without the need of mixing solid and liquid just to create a paste. The mask is ready to use. All you need is to apply it on your clean face. Wait for 15-20 mins and rinse.

*I apologize for the poor quality of the image. Aside from the fact that I applied it at night that time, I also just asked my daughter to capture it using an ipad.

While the mask hardens, you will feel a little ‘banat’ effect. The smell is not that good but very tolerable. After rinsing, you will feel that your face is cleansed and pores are tighter.

Overall, this mask is worth to try though I have not seen a lot of changes in my blemishes. In terms of cleaning the pores, it does the job well.


Have you also tried this mask? What are your thoughts? Check them out at this link.



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Swatch Fest

Today, I will post my favorite nude lipsticks. Before, I only use lip balm and I am good to go because I have an uber dry lips. I became too hooked up with lip balms when my daughter and I stayed in Dubai for a month. The weather there both made our lips like a desert and thus gives us extra reason to keep our lips hydrated. After a while, I realized that it is quite appealing to color the lips and the next day, I suddenly become addicted to lipsticks.

I first got red shades because I am a newbie and I always read in other people’s blog that you cannot go wrong with red. So I did. When my mom first saw me wearing red lippies, she told straight to my face that it does not suit me. I immediately get rid of it. Then, I figured out I look better wearing nude shades. So, without further ado, here are my favorite shades.


Three of these are organically made. All the sticks are organic while the only liquid lipstick (Matte in Detail) is not. Below are the swatches. 


Bethany is Colourette. This is the brand’s top selling nude shade. It finishes off creamy matte but more of the creamy side. It smells like caramel. It costs P499 (regular price) I got it from a giveaway and only paid P150 for it to cover for the shipping fee.

Draco is from Sooper Beaute. This is made from natural ingredients. It finishes off matte. Too matte that during windy days, you will feel how dry your lips are. Regular price is P280. This smells like crayon. Got it not from a giveaway but somewhat quite like a gift.

Momoko is bought from Natura Organics. This lippie is made from organic ingredients as well and thus, like Colourette, it is kid friendly. I really like this lipstick because of its minty effect. It smells like watermelon. It finishes off creamy matte. You need to blot it with tissue to achieve the matte look. Price is P329.

Joyce D14 is from Matte in Detail. It is the only liquid matte that can be anyone’s favorite matte lippie. The finish is super matte. It is very light weight and sets really fast. It is my favorite shade among the rest but too bad, it is not made from organic ingredients. The price is thing is more or less P250. I got it from a giveaway that’s why I am not sure.


If I am to buy after finishing off these four, I am looking to buy Colourette shade in Sahara and Natura Organics teen dream collection in Chika. Colourette is easily available online or through their several kiosks. Natura Organics products can be purchased from Doc Mel through their instagram account 🙂


What’s your favorite shades?




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Zale Beauty Powder in Tan

I have already written about setting powders before. It is about Shiseido medicated powder and Palgantong. Click here to read. Today, I will write my personal thoughts about Zale beauty powder in tan. This is a super affordable alternative for beauty buffs who want shine free look all day long.

Zale is made from Thailand. It is endorsed by the soul siren, Nina. With the downturn of economy and most cosmetics are priced significantly beyond the budget of most women, having this kind of product makes it less complicated to stay beautiful. The sad fact is, it is not widely available nationwide. As per their instagram account, it is available in limited  areas in Metro Manila. I got mine from Isetan Dept near Quaipo church when my hubby went to visit.

That is how it looks, for P49, you can get the same coverage and shine free look that you need to set your foundation like the branded expensive setting powders in the market. No doubt that it is a must try for every woman.

The powder has two shades but I asked to get Tan to play safe that it will match my skin tone. This shade is perfect for pinay skin tone. the other shade is bright.

Many celebrities and bloggers were given the chance to try this product and their reviews were positive. Of course, they got it for free and chances are, they will give positive reviews. As for me who got it from my own wallet, I can still give it a positive rating for its price, UV protection claims (no specific info of its SPF), and anti acne properties.

Overall, this is a must try product. Have you also tried it?


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Cyleina Organic Soaps

I have been looking, using and trying out various soaps. From the ones found at the supermarket, facebook, instagram and so on. Since I have oily to combination type of skin, I opt to use hard soap rather than the facial wash. My latest discovery is Tomato Soap by Cyleina Organic. It claims that it can shrink pores, whiten skin and prevent acne. I am not after to lightening my skin as I am more of the acne preventing effects of a product.

I bought two variants because the Shea Butter is used by my daughter who suffers from eczema and other skin issues. She is very prone to itchy dry skin that’s why.

The images above shows the content of the product. It is labeled that all soaps were intended for the face and body. As far as I can remember the tomato soap is around P110. The shea butter which has less content than the tomato variant costs cheaper at P64.00. Based on my experience and as what I have noticed with my daughter’s skin, I can say that these soaps are pretty much true to its claim. Both are good and will not irritate or cause breakout. The eczema of my daughter is not flaring up as well. Pretty much content with the soaps. The best thing about it is it is available in most SM groceries, Watsons and maybe in other supermarkets as well.


Have you also tried this soap? Any drug store brand that you can recommend made from organic ingredients? Share your thoughts!



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A’PIEU air fit cushion PPosong SPF 50

I have long been using bb creams. If I can remember, it was during the year 2010. I started with Maybelline BB stick. No longer have pictures but it was quite a good buy considering that I am just relatively new with cosmetics back then. As far as I can remember, it can easily be applied because it is in stick form. The finish is not matte because it has a dewy finish.

After such, I switched to BB cream with the same brand. May be I was satisfied with the stick and thus keep on coming back to Maybelline during that time 🙂

Then, there’s Pond’s BB+ cream. This brand keeps on advertising a ‘rosy white glow’ effect with most of their products. I got to try their BB cream in ‘Light’ and was also happy with it. It has a matte to dewy finish. Yes, it can give you a glowing skin not right after application in my case. I noticed the glowy effect few hours after it sits on my skin.

What comes next is the BB/CC/Foundation Cushion. The only difference with liquid bb or foundation is that this comes with a handy cushion. This makes it easier and less messy to apply. The first brand I get to try is A’PIEU air fit cushion PPosong. It has SPF 50 which can be good enough for sun protection.


The cushion comes with a mint green case and the puff is quite absorbent and perfect for easy application. The smell is really good. It smells like medicated something. I cannot explain but it is not overpowering.

I like this cushion because although the coverage is not that high, I still get complimented that my face looks flawless. For affordability, staying power and coverage, I can give this cushion 5/5.

This is available in most online shops like ebay, Lazada, Shopee and other 🙂


Have you tried this too? share your thoughts below 🙂

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the UGLY truth: Hormonal Acne

It can definitely be frustrating to see a bump on the face. You sleep at night do your night routine and the next day, you just notice that UGH! you got a new bump. In my case, when I experience PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome), usually, I get one or two and worse, a couple of it. Like the once on the picture.


Those are the left and the right part of my jaw. I do not often get several breakouts but when I am about to have my period, the case is inevitable. It is a rough moment in time considering that I get these breakouts every month. This means that each month, I need to use lotsa lotsa foundation and concealer to cover those up.

I have tried several acne treatments but none worked well with hormonal acne. Because it is caused by the hormones, it is like a reality that I need to accept and embrace every month.

My acne journey just never ends. Have you also got acne due to hormonal imbalance? How did you manage it? Share your thoughts.



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Snow Aura Boosting Mask

I have always dreamed of having flawless skin. I am not the type who would love to have that whiter complexion not because I have fair skin but maybe because my main skin issue is acne. I have acne prone skin and just like any typical woman, I have tried several skin care treatments. Some worked and others are a waste of money. As with this product called Snow Aura Boosting Mask I can give it 7/10 rating.

Bare Face

As you can see, the product is really huge. The content is not that much but if you will use it 2-3x each week without fail, the container may last for 2-3 months. As with me, I only used it once to three times per month and not on a weekly basis. The price can cost you about 1500php or more depending on where you will purchase it.

I got it for free because it was originally my Aunt’s and she said it did not work for her. She said that your face will feel refreshed, whiter and tighter only on the next day after using the mask after such, its gone.

In my own experience, I can also say that the product is not really worth the hype. Many claims that it can leave your skin looking white for as long as you want but really, it isn’t.

That is how much product you need to put on the face. Sorry I was not able to take an after wash photo (I forgot). Others may even put more than what I had on the photo. It is really up to you.

If there is one good thing about this product is you can spend less rather than going to a spa to get a facial mask that costs more. Having Snow Skincare Aura Whitening Booster Mask is a cheaper alternative. Also, for instance, you use this overnight, the next day, after you wash your face, you can also leave the house without putting any foundation. All you need is powder and your face will still look glowing.

Have you also tried this? What are your thoughts?



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DIY Mask Using Aztec Indian Clay

Before, the only idea I have in mind about mask is using honey with oatmeal or pure honey alone. Good thing, beauty blogs are already established these days that most women are more than happy to share their beauty hacks. One mask I discovered and been using for the past three years is Aztec Indian Clay paired with Apple Cider Vinegar. Get ready to look like Shrek when you have it on your face.


As you can see, my face is quite yellowish. It is because aside from the usual clay + apple cider, I also added turmeric powder. Turmeric has also been very famous when it comes to skin care. Thus, I also incorporate it with the mask for extra boost.

This is a great mask for acne prone skin. It will give you blooming effect not after wash but after a few hours or so. Pores will also be tighter because of the tightening effect of the mask on the skin. Like what its label state, Feel your Skin Pulsate, you can truly feel it. In fact, you may find it hard to speak once the mask has already settled on the face.

Overall, this mask is truly worth the buy. It is available at Lazada. You can get it in combo. It means that there is no need to leave the home to try this amazing mask.

Have you tried this or other mask before? Share your experience.

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Setting Powders

In the past, I only used pressed powder and I am good to go. Then, I revolved to the use of powder foundation then BB creams and today, I cannot leave the house without combining BB creams + setting powders. I do not have any idea about SPF before and thus, I used whatever is the latest release in the market to minimize my oily skin.

Good thing, online reviews are quite easy to browse nowadays. Hence, I managed to figure out why there is such thing called ‘baking’ when you apply make up. So, this ‘baking’ thing is pretty much related with liquid foundation. In order for liquid foundie or even BB creams of other creams you apply on the face to last longer, setting powders should be used. To date, I have two.


Shiseido Medicated Pressed powder is translucent. If you want a whiter and brighter look, you can use this. I have read so many positive reviews about it in the past. Thus, when my aunt went to Japan, I never hesitated to asked her to get me some. I bought about 3 pieces. I never thought that a single compact would last more than a year for my consumption. Yes, since I am a work at home mom, I rarely go out to wear make up. Anyway, what I love about this product are:

  • Affordable (in Japan) only costs me P90 each. Here, you can get one for P250(cheapest)
  • Easy to blend
  • Smells like milk
  • Mild even for babies (my 7yo daughter used it too)
  • Oil control factor:moderate


  • No mirror on the compact
  • No SPF
  • Not easy to use because the upper cover should be removed entirely

Palgantong Theatrical Powder has coverage. The color that my friend got for me is Beige Ocre. This is perfect for morena skin tone. I do not prefer this shade because whenever I used it, I look too dark (seems like I got tanned). I even used this as blush  or for contour with its brownish shade once applied. What I like about it:

  • Easy to blend
  • Mini container perfect for kikay kit inside the bag
  • Can be used for contouring
  • Container has mirror


  • Expensive.(My friend bought this in Macau and costs her P450. I just paid her P200 and it is still like I paid P250 for this small 10g setting powder.
  • Not widely available even on online shops here in the Philippines.
  • Shade does not look really good on me
  • No SPF

I am not really good in reviewing products but I am trying my best to share my thoughts about the product that I have and been using. Hope this helps. Share your thoughts about it and other setting powder which works for you.

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