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Why Financial Literacy Matters to US?

In a world full of tempting things to satisfy our eyes, it is very hard to stay financially literate. Although a lot of us know the essence of saving money for emergency funds, not everyone has one. It is a sad reality that most Filipinos have. We have several banking and financial institutions here in the country yet very few has their own savings account. Why? It is probably because these famous institutions likewise offers loans that also tempts us to take full advantage of in order to have all our wants satisfied.
Financial literacy is part of our day to day living. It is how we should know the essence of different financial channels like checking account, the use of credit cards and some effective ways to prevent being in debt for all of our lives. When we are financially literate, we are able to balance our funds. Such funds can be from our business or salary. This is where of which we can finance our home, bills, current educational fees, future educational fund and steady income for retirement.
It may too hard to resist temptation especially if we always see the big signs from the malls that there is an ongoing sale. However, it is likewise as important to think about tomorrow rather than squandering all your pay check for your wants today and just get a loan tomorrow.
With several financial institutions to choose from these days, you need to be able to trust a company that will not only support you for all your wants but most importantly is a company that can push you to save for your future.
Lucky us, we have a trusted company that has been servicing the Filipino people for the past 122 years and still counting. It is a company that is always true to its promise that everything is brighter under the sun. Sun Life is among the most trusted and reputable insurance company in the Philippines. It offers several products that cater to the future needs of its clients. With products that we Filipinos can count on, we sure can be able to save our hard earned money to fulfill our future milestones.
Sun Life offers traditional products that give the insured person guaranteed amount of protection and cash savings. While on the other hand, its variable universal life products that have taken the market like a storm offers good insurance coverage with a component of investment package. Although the later does not guarantee any amount of fund value considering that it is an investment, it still gives the insured person the peace of mind that he needs that if in case life gives me something unexpected, the dreams that he or she has for the loved ones will continue to be fulfilled.
All it takes is a practical decision to allow Sun Life to change your life. It may be a 5, 10 or lifelong commitment to save part of your salary or earnings but at the end of the day, getting a policy is not just a business earned by Sun Life but moreover a protection that you need while you take on the journey called life.

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