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Financial Literacy = Money for Life

Financial literacy is the key to have money for life. It is among the best way to achieve financial freedom that each one of us needs in order to live a life that will enable us to eat enough, pay for our bills and sustain the needs of our loved ones.

Only few would understand the essence of living financially free for the future. Because everyone is busy increasing the wealth that we earn from work or business, not all of us will be mindful about sudden sickness and even death. Considering that, it is always advisable to take advice from the money experts in order to be financially literate.

Literacy on finances may be typical and common knowledge for almost all of us. Others would think that it is about spending below your means while for others, it is all about savings and depriving oneself with material indulgence.

In reality, even though financial literacy is a common knowledge, many still continue to belong in the low income society. To live in a third world country like the Philippines where the poor outnumbered the rich people, it is very hard to envision a brighter future for the next generations.

How to be financially literate?

Aside from getting effective tips from the experts and professionals of the field, it is also ideal to take into account the other methods of compulsory savings. One of such is to entrust a company that is true to its claim and process right from the beginning. Among the top companies we can trust is Sun Life Financial Philippines. The company has been servicing more than 2 million Filipinos for the past 122 years.

How can Sun Life help you to have #moneyforlife?

Sun Life offers not just the traditional insurance plans that are mostly on the death benefit side. Currently, it is encouraging us to invest not just on insurance but also through variable universal life plans with investment component.

Of course, it would still depend on the needs of the clients considering that Sun Life is a need based company. Not all clients would like an investment that may go up or down depending on the market. If they are looking for guaranteed returns at a fixed interest rate after a certain span of time, it is best to have the traditional plan. Such would offer cash value that is guaranteed on its maturity date.

Aside from the above mentioned, the company also offers pure investment (Mutual Fund). For a minimum amount of P5,000.00, clients can already save money for their future.

The best thing about savings nowadays with a trusted company like Sun Life is that it partnered with the leading banks to allow easy fund transfer. Each month, a client is allowed to automatically save at least P1,000.00 directly to Sun Life. The process is also allowed for premium payment on VUL or Variable Universal Life plans. This is why, more and more people are investing on this product because it makes it more convenient to pay the premiums.

Overall, Sun Life truly offers several products that can help make more Filipinos to be financially free by being financially literate to have Money For Life.



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