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Cyleina Organic Soaps

I have been looking, using and trying out various soaps. From the ones found at the supermarket, facebook, instagram and so on. Since I have oily to combination type of skin, I opt to use hard soap rather than the facial wash. My latest discovery is Tomato Soap by Cyleina Organic. It claims that it can shrink pores, whiten skin and prevent acne. I am not after to lightening my skin as I am more of the acne preventing effects of a product.

I bought two variants because the Shea Butter is used by my daughter who suffers from eczema and other skin issues. She is very prone to itchy dry skin that’s why.

The images above shows the content of the product. It is labeled that all soaps were intended for the face and body. As far as I can remember the tomato soap is around P110. The shea butter which has less content than the tomato variant costs cheaper at P64.00. Based on my experience and as what I have noticed with my daughter’s skin, I can say that these soaps are pretty much true to its claim. Both are good and will not irritate or cause breakout. The eczema of my daughter is not flaring up as well. Pretty much content with the soaps. The best thing about it is it is available in most SM groceries, Watsons and maybe in other supermarkets as well.


Have you also tried this soap? Any drug store brand that you can recommend made from organic ingredients? Share your thoughts!



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