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Leiania Hyde No More Mask


I always use face mask because of my acne prone skin. I am fond of organic face mask because it gives good results without having to worry about any side effect. I now have discovered a new one from Leiania House of Beauty.

The promise of this mask is to help clear blemishes and acne. I have tried it more than three times. I am quite happy with the result because unlike the face mask I used before, this mask can easily be applied without the need of mixing solid and liquid just to create a paste. The mask is ready to use. All you need is to apply it on your clean face. Wait for 15-20 mins and rinse.

*I apologize for the poor quality of the image. Aside from the fact that I applied it at night that time, I also just asked my daughter to capture it using an ipad.

While the mask hardens, you will feel a little ‘banat’ effect. The smell is not that good but very tolerable. After rinsing, you will feel that your face is cleansed and pores are tighter.

Overall, this mask is worth to try though I have not seen a lot of changes in my blemishes. In terms of cleaning the pores, it does the job well.


Have you also tried this mask? What are your thoughts? Check them out at this link.



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