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the UGLY truth: Hormonal Acne

It can definitely be frustrating to see a bump on the face. You sleep at night do your night routine and the next day, you just notice that UGH! you got a new bump. In my case, when I experience PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome), usually, I get one or two and worse, a couple of it. Like the once on the picture.


Those are the left and the right part of my jaw. I do not often get several breakouts but when I am about to have my period, the case is inevitable. It is a rough moment in time considering that I get these breakouts every month. This means that each month, I need to use lotsa lotsa foundation and concealer to cover those up.

I have tried several acne treatments but none worked well with hormonal acne. Because it is caused by the hormones, it is like a reality that I need to accept and embrace every month.

My acne journey just never ends. Have you also got acne due to hormonal imbalance? How did you manage it? Share your thoughts.



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