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Snack Pack Pudding

I am a food lover but I rarely write about it. I apologize about that. We recently went to Clark for the Puregold’s Summer Sale. We had the best time because me and my husband would always find time to shop when it’s sale. Our favorite is Puregold (Clark or Subic) because we are sweet lovers. We live about an hour and a half away to Clarkfield Pampanga. Instead of going to Manila, I would definitely choose Clark or Subic :). So, we left at around 9 Am and we arrived at 11 or before 11 am. The place was jam-packed. There were so many people like us who are looking forward to spend less on sweets and other PX goods. With the high exchange rates nowadays we did not expect that there will be long lines. There are items that are still expensive while some made us happy. We got Milky Way which only costs P120 per 400g pack, Snack Pack (P55) per pack of 4, Ruffles 2 for 199, Chocolate cookies like Nougatelli (P65) and chocolate chip same price. The cookies are my daughter’s favorite. I have tried Snack pack in the past but maybe I miss it this time it I am craving for it all the time.



That’s the picture. I was not able to take a good shot because it was too late when I realized that it can be a great blog post (LOLZ). This is a chocolate pudding. If served chilled, it tastes better than ever. I am happy my hubby got 3 packs so a total of 12 snack packs. But I gave one pack away so I was left with 8 haha. Anyway, this snack pack is also available in various supermarkets but I am not quite sure of the price difference. Overall, it is worth to eat especially if you are a choco lover like me. It is perfect for merienda or when you just crave for chocolates! Other flavors are also available like vanilla, and choco vanilla if I can remember.


Have you also tried this? Any other choco snacks you want to share?



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